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Why Does The Beard Not Grow, And How To Deal With It?


It’s no secret that many men struggle with growing a beard. Some men can’t seem to grow any facial hair at all. If you’re one of those unlucky guys, don’t worry – there are ways to deal with it. This blog post will discuss why the beard does not grow and how to fix the problem.

Age and heredity

As a rule, the active growth of bristles on the face is observed after 25 years. Therefore, if you have not yet reached this age, you should not worry – everything has its time. But if the milestone has already been passed, and there is still no beard, you should look into the reason deeper: it is either a matter of heredity or a state of health.

Genetics plays almost a major role in hair growth. Often, if a family of males has a poorly growing beard or early baldness, then with a high probability, the problem is a hereditary factor.

Often the fate of the hairline depends on the characteristics of ethnic groups. For example, the intensity of hair growth on the cheeks and chin is characteristic of European and Caucasian peoples, while the stubble grows weaker among Asians.


Often, weakened immunity, stress, and unbalanced nutrition lead to a deterioration in the quality of the beard.

So, chronic stress and overwork are one of the main causes of hair loss not only on the beard but also on the head. Stress negatively affects the processes in the body, including changes in the hormonal background, which affects the life cycle of the hair. If the levels of the hormones testosterone and dihydrotestosterone decrease due to stress, the phase change can occur faster, and the life cycle of the hair is shortened.

Physical activity

Sport is another assistant in the matter of uniform hairline. While jogging or strength training, there is a surge of testosterone in the body, which significantly increases the chances of increasing vegetation.


If you want to bring your body back to normal and become the owner of a thick beard, you should reconsider your diet. Foods such as ginger, broccoli, eggs, chili peppers, and seafood will help raise testosterone levels.

Foods high in protein are also important since hair is partly made up of it. Make sure you have enough meat, fish, eggs, and nuts on your menu. Helper vitamins for active hair growth – A, C, and E. They improve microcirculation in the scalp.

beard brush

How to fix the problem

Use oils and balms

Various oils and balms on the market can stimulate hair growth. These products nourish the hair follicles and make the hair stronger. Apply the product to your face and massage for 5-10 minutes. Do this 2-3 times a week for best results.

Try vitamin supplements

A lack of vitamins and minerals can cause hair loss. Try taking a multivitamin supplement or a supplement that contains biotin, zinc, and iron. These nutrients are essential for healthy hair growth.

Use a special beard brush

Beard brushes help to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles. It, in turn, can promote hair growth. Brush your beard 2-3 times a day for best results.