If you are looking for a professional DJ that will focus on creating the perfect atmosphere during your wedding or event, you have come to the right place! You can relax in knowing that your DJ's number one priority is to work individually with you to make your event unforgettable,  tailoring the music selection to you and your guests' tastes preferences. With a music library numbering in the hundreds of thousands, You can also rest assured that your DJ will play everything you want to hear and nothing you do not. Clients are invited to communicate and guide the music selection to what ever extent they choose.

You won’t find any cheesy behavior, costumes, or gimmicks here. Your DJ's focus is on ambiance, organization, crowd-reading, and “atmosphere architecture.” Your DJ will make sure that you and your guests are the focal point of the night, skillfully mixing and blending songs and genres without missing a beat. We invite our clients to choose their DJ's level of involvement, whether it be preferred that he quietly remain in the background, simply focusing on music and atmosphere, or that he also fills the role of emcee.

Excellent service is of paramount value to our team. Team members respond to texts and emails in minutes/hours, not days. Your DJ is always reachable and committed to serving YOUR vision for your event. He also works hand-in-hand with your coordinator to ensure that your event flows seamlessly.

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